FAQ Interactiv’ Publisher – EasyCatalog

(Frequently asked questions about Interactiv’ Publisher – EasyCatalog)

Interactiv’ Publisher presentation

What’s Interactiv’ Publisher ?

Interactiv’ Publisher gives you the autonomyto create documents in an automatedway on InDesign thanks to the automatic layout of EasyCatalog (65bit Software).

Interactiv’ Publisher therefore includes the acquisition of the InDesign EasyCatalog plug-in, as well as supportat every stage for the implementation of this plug-in (support, training, installationof EasyCatalog, expertisearound your data in order to be able to link them to InDesign correctly etc.).

EasyCatalog presentation

Qu’est-ce qu’EasyCatalog ?

EasyCatalog est l’outil idéal pour créer des fichiers de type catalogue, fiche produit, fiche technique, annuaire, étiquette etc. EasyCatalog vous permet d’assembler automatiquement, et en toute sécurité, des données à partir de fichiers Excel, XML, base de données, PIM… dans Adobe InDesign. Des modifications ? Les mises à jour de vos données sont répercutées directement dans votre mise en page.

EasyCatalog est la solution de référence pour la mise en page automatisée de catalogues.

Why change for EasyCatalog?

If you compare EasyCatalog with other automation tools, you will notice three major advantages: it is muchmore ergonomic, it displays your data directly in InDesign so that you can manipulate it without any need to copy/paste, and your InDesign filesare directly linked to the data.

How can EasyCatalog fetch my data?

EasyCatalog can retrieve data from any data source: Excel file, CSV, XML, Database, PIM / DAM

Peut-on connecter EasyCatalog à une base de données produits (PIM) ? Si oui, lesquels ?

EasyCatalog peut se connecter à tous les PIM du marché grâce à son connecteur ODBC. Ce module additionnel vous permet de mettre à jour votre document InDesign dès qu’une modification a été faite dans votre base de données, et inversement, mettre à jour votre base de données lorsque des modifications ont été apportées à votre document InDesign.

Interactiv’ Technologies a également développé son propre PIM « Interactiv’ DataBase ». Besoin d’une démonstration ou d’en savoir plus ? N’hésitez pas à remplir le formulaire pour en savoir plus.

Can multilingual document be managed with EasyCatalog?

It is very easyto transcribe a catalog into different languages. For example, you can translatea French document into English in just a few clicks. You will save precious time by automatingthis type of publication.

What is the duration of an EasyCatalog project?

Thanks to the Interactiv’ Publisher solution, EasyCatalog can be set up in a few weeks. The training only requires a few days. The durationof each project can be personalizedaccording to the needs of each person and the internal skills of your company.

The types of documents that can be created with the EasyCatalog automation

Quels types de documents puis-je créer avec EasyCatalog ? 

EasyCatalog vous permet de réaliser tout type de publications : catalogues, fiches techniques, fiches produits, annuaires, étiquettes … , même avec beaucoup de pages. Vous pouvez également automatiser la création d’étiquettes, de codes-barres, de fiches produits et fiches tarifs.

Mon document est-il automatisable ?

Si certains catalogues ne semblent pas automatisables au premier regard, ils peuvent le devenir avec une simple restructuration. En effet, plus de 3/4 des catalogues, annuaires, fiches techniques, fiches produits, étiquettes, etc. sont automatisables. Nos infographistes sont à votre disposition pour étudier avec vous les possibilités d‘automatisation de vos documents. Vous pouvez également faire le test « Votre document est-il automatisable ? » pour découvrir si votre document l’est.

Can I layout a catalogue in EasyCatalog with a very large number of references / information?

The data can be sorted, grouped, and filtered with the EasyCatalog pallet to make it easy to work even with many references. A search tool also allows you to find and isolate a particular reference.

Is EasyCatalog useful if my document only has very few pages?

Even if a document/catalogue has few pages, this is not an obstacle to its automation. EasyCatalog is useful in the following cases: marketing support based on the product database, translating catalogs in several languages, regular updates of product information, etc. Choosing Interactiv’ Publisher (EasyCatalog) to automate your publications will save you time and invaluable productivity.

InDesign and/or EasyCatalog trainings presentation

Who can participate in an InDesign or EasyCatalog training?

Approved trainingorganization(DataDockand Qualiopicertified), Interactiv’ Technologies allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge to use InDesign and EasyCatalog in total autonomy: whether you are a Graphic Designer, a Computer Graphic Designer, or in the Marketing and Communication departments, regardless of your skills in DTP

What level is required for the InDesign and/or EasyCatalog training courses.

We offer courses for all levels: whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will find courses adapted to your needs. Our courses can be academic or customized, individual or group courses, etc. : We adapt to your needs.

What are the points covered during the training courses?

During the training sessions, you will cover a wide range of topics. This will also depend on your level. The coursescan also be personalizedif desired.

In EasyCatalog’s classic training courses, the following points are developed: import/export, panel configurations, creation and assembly of templates, custom fields, assemblies for summaries and indexes, synchronization between a data source and an InDesign document, etc.

Among the InDesign training courses, we provide Basic Training, but also training on GREPstyles, or other ‘personalized’ courses.

Can the training courses be paid for?

As Interactiv’ Technologies is a DataDockand Qualiopiapproved and certified training center, the training courses can effectively be handled by your OPCO. Contact our team to find out more about support by filling in the form.

If you would like to know whether or not the training can be taken care of in your case, and if you would then like to have a price estimate, please click on the button below:

Support and assistance to EasyCatalog with Interactiv’ Publisher

Is there a support team in case of need?

Yes, you can decide to take the package which includes support: our team of experts will always answer you, every working day from 9 to 6.

Rates and conditions for Interactiv’ Publisher – EasyCatalog

What is the price for an Interactiv’ Publisher – EasyCatalog project?

The price fluctuates depending on the project. It depends, for example, on whether you want to simply buy EasyCatalog, or if you want to be trained for it, if you want access to the future updates, to our support, etc.

Fill out the “Cost estimate” form to estimate the cost of the project depending on your needs.

For the acquisition of EasyCatalog, is it a subscription or a purchase?

It is a purchase: you only need to buy(and therefore pay for) EasyCatalog once, during the purchase. Then, you will always have it.

To learn more about the acquisition costs, you can answer the “Cost estimate” form.