Our trainings: EasyCatalog and InDesign

Need to acquire new skills, improve, or update them?

Discover our training courses on page layout, InDesign and EasyCatalog (the world’s leading software for automatic page layout in InDesign).

  • Remote training (digital learning, tele training, videoconferencing, etc.) or face-to-face training
  • Very flexible offer (different levels; individual or collective; personalized…)
  • Choose your date (except for group training)
  • Certified DataDock and Qualiopi
  • Possible financial support (OPCO, FNE-Formations…)
  • For professionals, freelancers, companies
formations PAO EasyCatalog certifiées

Suggested cities for the EasyCatalog and InDesign trainings

  • Bordeaux
  • Le Havre
  • Lille
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Montpellier
  • Nantes
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Reims
  • Rennes
  • Rouen
  • Strasbourg
  • Toulouse

Training can also be done remotely.


Our company offers you a wide range of training courses on page layout and graphic design:

EasyCatalog, InDesign, Page layout automation, Data management in the panel, Grep styles…

The trainings are academic or customized, carried out by experts to make sure you acquire all of the needed skills

They can be:

  • Individual
  • Intra-company: in small groups of people from the same company
  • Inter-company: in small groups of people from different companies

As far as costs are concerned, training can be covered up to 100%..


Because of the various training possibilities (InDesign, EasyCatalog, layout…):

  • face-to-face or remote,
  • individual or as a group (intra ou inter-company.ies) ,
  • basic, advanced or tailor-made, etc.), every training is defined case by case.

Thus, the prices are different according to the conditions you choose.

Our trainings being DataDock and Qualiopi certified, you can benefit from a support thanks to your company / your training credits.

Some of our clients’ objectives


declare that they use the methods, tools and tips delivered in training in their DTP assignments.


report that the training met their needs perfectly, and more.


report being more effective in using the software as a result of their training.

Some feedback on trained customers’ satisfaction

  • Formation content* 91.8% 91.8%
  • Teaching methods 95.5% 95.5%
  • Accompanying 93.6% 93.6%
  • Teaching means* 90% 90%
  • Rhythm* 86.4% 86.4%
  • Autonomy gain* 85.5% 85.5%
  • Exercises* 91.8% 91.8%

*following the end evaluation of our trainings by the trainees


Satisfaction rate*


The professional tool for automation support in InDesign

EasyCatalog is an automated layout solution. This InDesign plug-in allows the link between structured “Product” data and the content of an InDesign document. This link is bi-directional: any change made in the data source can be reflected in the document, and vice versa.

Our EasyCatalog trainings aim at making you autonomous on EasyCatalog and the automatic layout of catalogs, sheets, prices, product sheets… Our trainers are directly certified by the publisher of EasyCatalog: 65bit Software Ltd. We offer several types of EasyCatalog training (academic, basic, advanced…), but also a customized training course with:

  • A study of your documents,
  • Accompanying you through the right import of your data (Excel spreadsheet, database, or XML file),
  • The creation of written procedures for your collaborators
  • Consulting days adapted to your level and your needs

In short: a real project follow-up from A to Z!

This makes all the difference, which is why hundreds of companies have trusted us since 2008. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tell you which EasyCatalog training and courses will be the most suitable for you.


EasyCatalog Basic Training


Customized EasyCatalog training


Advanced EasyCatalog Training


EasyCatalog regex and customized fields training

Training: data and project management for EasyCatalog

With this automatic layout process in InDesign (EasyCatalog plug-in), we can also create your documents, catalogs, product sheets, directories, etc…


“The” layout software, for both paper and digital formats

Used to create catalogs, magazines, newspapers, books, booklets… InDesign, a software from the Adobe suite, is form-oriented and allows you to apply much more complex and creative layouts than a word processing software. A favorite for graphic designers, it is the most widely used page layout software.

We offer a wide range of InDesign training courses. Academic, customized, basic, or advanced…
Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose the training that best suits your needs.


Basic InDesign Training


InDesign Advanced / Refresher Training


InDesign styles grep training



DataDock and Qualiopi certified

Interactiv’ Technologies is an accredited and certified training center, which meets the most demanding certification criteria.



  Customized or academic; on the date you want; individual or collective; etc. we adapt to your requests and your situation. 


Date of your choice

If you opt for individual or in-company training, you will be able to choose the date you want.

Costs can be taken care of

Because these are certified, trainings can be covered by your training credits, by your company, by your OPCO.

Remote or face-to-face

We can do the training in remote or face-to-face, at your convenience. During the health crisis related to the Covid19 coronavirus, we continue to carry out our trainings, either remotely or in person (in accordance with the governmental health regulations).

Individual or collective

We can carry out individual or collective (intra or inter-company) trainings.


High customer satisfaction

 We do our utmost to give full satisfaction to our customers, and to ensure that they are autonomous at the end of the training. Our customer satisfaction rate is over 90%.


The initial EasyCatalog training is very complete and enriching. The pedagogical approach, based on listening and experience, allows you to quickly gain autonomy, while making the use of the entertaining plugin. 

Lise P.


Very good training: reactivity to the initial request, contents and explanations adapted to the level, and a real saving of time in perspective!

Gaëlle V.

Croque Gel

I was very satisfied with my training, with a very good tool and in a very good working and friendly atmosphere. This training allowed me to revise and work independently.

Florie Z.


Excellent training that I highly recommend. Lots of exercises to practice and be autonomous at the end of the training. Allows you to spend less time on execution and more time on graphic creation. You feel at once to ask questions and intervene during the training if necessary. Very good exchange and good atmosphere!

Aurore C.

Zago Store


Interactiv’ Technologies is a company focused on publishing and catalogs.

In addition to the trainings, Interactiv’ Technologies offers: