Automated layout: create your product catalog on InDesign


  • Say bye to copy-paste : do everything by pressing a button !
  • Refresh all your data automatically
  • Divide by 2 conception time of publications
  • We’re taking care of you from A to Z to realize your first publication
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Avoid mistakes
By creating a link in between datas and your InDesign document

Reduce time
of catalog creation
by avoiding double check or copy-paste

Get help
through a personnalised formation. We follow you all the way to your project

Generate automatically
your layout and boost your document production



Easy Catalog is a powerful tool and has become essential to our business. All documents (catalogs, our mailings, POS advertising… ) are made through EasyCatalog from our database. We create our catalogs twice faster.

Christophe M.


Interactiv’ Publisher was the perfect tool to layout all of our data, we created two versions of a catalog of more than 800 pages each: French/German/Dutch and English/Spanish/Italian. Interactiv’ Publisher helped us throughout the project, to develop the right tools and the most efficient data structure.

Julien A.


Easy Catalog allowed us to win on every fronts. Financially speaking, in less than one year we absorbed software and trainings costs. The catalog was released two months earlier and our teams mastered time management and creation process!

Christophe C.



Direct import

Import data from different sources in InDesign : XLS, CSV, XML , ODBC (MySQL , Oracle, FileMaker … ). No more Copy / Paste!

Collaborative work

Separate the content (data) of the form (layout). Start working on your layout even before all the data is indicated (images or text).

Reduction of deadlines and costs

Reduce by 30% the time of creation of your documents during the first year. And up to 50% thereafter! One click is enough to start the assembly of hundreds of pages.


Continuous modification

Change at the last minute, even a few hours before printing or sharing


Less proofreading

Follow your communication agencies more effectively. Fewer iterations and data corrections internally. Even without in-house graphic designers, Interactiv’ Publisher is made for you!


With Interactiv’ Publisher, multilingual translation and index generation becomes very easy.



Compatible and bidirectionnal

Interactiv’ Publisher supports all data sources: From a basic Excel sheet, to a MySQL database on Oracle, PostgreSQL, FileMaker until your specific database. If it’s necessary we can also develop a ODBC connector.
If you want it, it will be possible to refresh your database from InDesign.

Importation automatique de données sous Adobe Indesign
Diminuer le temps de conception d'un catalogue

Boost your productivity

Interactiv’ Publisher (powered by EasyCatalog) makes possible data importation from any database straight into InDesign (every version, even CS6).
Completely integrated to InDesign, this official plug-in helps to save time in realization and layout of catalogs, prices, technical and commercial/marketing documents.
It’s working on Windows and macOS.

Quick profitability: from the 2nd year!

The cost of our solution will be amortized really quick.
Our clients realize that for products catalogs of over hundreds of pages, as much as small brochures, Interactiv’ Publisher helps to save a lot of time. In conception, but also in data importation; as in rereading and automatic refresh of their documents in few clicks.

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