Services: realization of your catalogs and documents

Thanks to automatic layout, benefit from fast, economic, and quality services!

Trust us with the partial or complete realization of your document(s).

Our particularity: thanks to EasyCatalog, an automatic layout plug-in for Adobe InDesign, the realization of your documents is much easier:

  • Time saving
  • Changes made possible up to the last minute
  • Reduced cost of realization, therefore competitive rates offered
  • Adaptability to your needs and constraints
  • Customized formula (partial or total execution; collaboration)
  • Proof-reading time and mistakes reduced thanks to automation
  • Transfer of skills possible
  • Catalog updating made easy

More than 75% of catalogs / data sheets / product sheets / business cards / directories

The different steps in the production of your catalogue / document

1. Brief

Brief: we discuss your needs and the scope of services.

2. Sharing product data

You send us your product data. It can be in one or several files (Excel, ERP, PIM, etc. ).

3. Graphic design in InDesign

we create the graphic elements of the catalog if needed (first pages, special pages, etc.) and set up product “templates” that will be used for automation.

4. Product data incorporation in a few clicks

with EasyCatalog’s automation, we generate tens/hundreds of pages automatically in the validated “product templates”.

5. Final touches

we adjust the last elements, reorganize the product pages, and put the finishing touches to your catalog.

6. Final rendering

we deliver your catalog. We can also proceed to the skills transfer.

Customized formula

We can realize your catalog / document, partially or completely. The formulas are very flexible.

For example, you decide if you want us to produce:

  • the entire catalog / document (graphics, academic pages, advertising pages and product pages)
  • only part of the catalog/document (for example, only the product pages)
  • only the catalog/document automaton (product templates), and the procedure for using said automaton
  • only graphic elements (e.g. cover and back cover)


We can work in collaboration with your current service providers (freelancers, communication agencies…).

You decide which parts to realize, but also the number of graphic proposals, the number of different layouts you want, the ideal deadlines, the possible time devoted to the transfer of skills, etc.

Our EasyCatalog services: for whom?

Thanks to our customized formula and the EasyCatalog technology, our document production services on InDesign designed to meet the needs of:

  • any type of agency or company (VSEs, SMEs, large companies, international groups)
  • all types of trade (B to B, B to C, services, products)
  • any sector of activity: automotive, textile, food, hardware, professional equipment, tools, banking and insurance, security, hygiene, furniture…

The strong points of Interactiv’ Technologies for the automatic production of your documents

Company founded in 2008

More than 1 000 customers

Official distributor of EasyCatalog (65bit Software)

Half a dozen graphic designers dedicated to services, certified for EasyCatalog

Free demonstration

we can show you the InDesign automatic layout plug-in EasyCatalog for free, the same one we use for our services through screensharing during a demonstration.

Travel possible throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc.

Fees for the document productions

Thanks to the EasyCatalog technology, which enables us to produce catalogues quickly and cleanly, we can offer attractive prices.

As it the formula is time based, the price of the service differs depending on the catalogues / documents. Fill in the form (by clicking on the button on the left) to get an estimate of the price of the service:

Other needs

Do you have other needs? Our document production services are not quite what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to tell us via the form. We can also:

  • train clients to the automation process,
  • only create the automation part and leave the rest up to you
  • support you on EasyCatalog,
  • sell EasyCatalog licenses to you,
  • carry out an audit of your existing documents and data source, etc.

Their testimonies

A big thank you for the creation of these templates that meet, sometimes even exceed our expectations, and which were much appreciated by the whole team. The level of automation is impressive.

Calvine M.

Groupe Atlantic

We have been working with Interactiv’ Technologies for 3 years. Each year, we take a new step forward. The first year: we started with the creation of our catalogue by Interactiv’ Technologies. The second, we asked for a transfer of skills on this automation, and the third, for the complete training for our total autonomy. From now on, we will be able to create our future publications ourselves. I strongly recommend the EasyCatalog and Interactiv’ Technologies solution.

Marie-Elodie R.


Interactiv’ Technologies

Since 2008, Interactiv’ Technologies has been focusing on catalog and publication solutions and offers you tools to facilitate the creation and communication of your marketing and sales materials.

We also support our customers with EasyCatalog and InDesign training courses.