FAQ Interactiv’ Doc – interactive flipbooks
(Frequently asked questions about interactive flipbooks)

What’s Interactiv’ Doc?

Interactiv’ Doc is a solution that transforms a simple PDF into an advanced interactive flipbook. Thanks to multiple functionalities, it is then possible to easily distribute your document, to integrate videos / images / links …, to reference it on search engines, to generate orders directly from your document, to consult visit statistics, etc.

Can we see examples of interactive documents?

We can show you examples, particularly in your sector of activity if you wish. To do so, request a demonstration by clicking below. For this purpose, ask for a demo by clicking below.

Which documents can be converted to the interactive flipbook format?

All types of documents in PDF format can be transformed into advanced interactive flipbooks with Interactiv’ Doc (catalogue &, brochure, press kit, e-book, e-catalogue, flash book, interactive flipbook, e-magazine, annual report, interactive PDF, online catalogue, page flip, e-brochure, press release, virtual book…).

How long does it take to create an interactive publication?

Less than 5 minutes are needed to create your interactive publication! The Interactiv’ Doc platform is ergonomic and intuitive, allowing you to get started very quickly.

Is there a maximum number of pages?

No, there is no limit. Some of our clients have already put online catalogues of several thousands of pages.

What are the main features of Interactiv’ Doc?

Interactiv’ Doc gives you access to numerous functionalities: SEO toolstatisticssharing optionsgeneration of quotes and orders directly from your interactive document, addition of interactive zones (videos, images, links, etc.), addition of a form, etc.

How will my interactive publications be made available?

The interactive documents are accessible via a simple link. All you need to do is host this link on your website, or distribute it by e-mail or on social networks, so that people can access it. With the “Search Engine Optimization” option, you can even index it, so that it can stand out in queries typed by Internet users on Google.
The interactive document can be consulted from any support (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Moreover, with the Apps option, it will be available even when your readers do not have a web connection.

In which languages is Interactiv’ Doc available?

Interactiv’ Doc is aimed at the whole planet and is therefore available in almost 30 different languages.

Is it possible to search for text in a publication?

Interactiv’ Doc integrates a search engine in your interactive flipbooks. Your readers will then be able to quickly access the desired information by typing a word / expression.

Can I track the traffic on my online interactive document?

The “statistics” function allows you to monitor the traffic observed on your interactive document via the statistics module. You can find out the number of visitors, where they come from, their concerns (ranking of the most searched words, etc.), the pages they have searched for the most, etc.

This is a native function of our Interactiv’ Doc software. You can choose to automatically convert the URLs in your PDF file to clickable URLs. It is of course possible to modifydelete and add other links.

Links are not limited to URLs but can also be of different types: video display, image display, add to cart, audio, etc.

Can I find out who downloaded my document?

You have the possibility to request an email from the Internet user so that he can download your PDF file. This is an excellent way to enrich your prospect base.

By adding a form, you can even find out who has opened your interactive document.

Is the quality deteriorated?

Regardless of how much you zoom in, the quality of your interactive document will not be altered. As the text remains vectorized, no pixelization will appear. If your images are in high definition, they will remain clear.

The financial spin-offs of an interactive catalogue are multiple. Between increased visibility (via automated natural referencing), an enriched prospect base (via the addition of a form), a connection to your e-commerce site (via the shopping cart), the possibility of requesting quotes or placing orders directly from your interactive document (via the product list), you benefit from various levers that will enable you to generate additional turnover and acquire new customers.

Thanks to an algorithm for decrypting PDF files, via the “Search Engine Optimization” module, all the pages in your catalogue can be indexed on search engines. . The entire content of your publications is therefore read and known by Google, not just the title. This allows you to be better referenced, to gain visibility, and therefore potentially to acquire new prospects/customers.

Is my interactive document secure?

If you wish to control the distribution of your document, you will be able to do so via the various possibilities we offer, to secure access to each of your interactive publications, such as restricting reading to authorized persons, requesting a password to access the document, prohibiting export, making it impossible to download your PDF document. The security of your publication is guaranteed.

Interactiv’ Doc leaves you in charge. . So, you have total autonomy and can build the result yourself. Everything is automated to the maximum, so that you do the minimum.

Thus, our solution is very advantageous, and will make your job easier if you have a lot of PDFs to turn into an interactive catalogue. We are here to assist you if you need help.

Furthermore, in the interactive document market, we stand out thanks to our free support, available every working day from 9 to 6, advanced functionalities, such as the Search Engine Optimization (so that each page is referenced on Google), the possibility of generating quotes and orders directly from your document, the connection to your e-commerce site etc.

Publishing your cataloguesbrochurescommunication supports in PDF format forces you to communicate by uploading a file to your website, or by email, which are regularly rejected because of the size of the PDF files.

Turning PDF files into an interactive flipbook allows you to communicate more effectively, reach a wider audience, who will read your interactive publication from any device.

Readers can share more easily, thanks to the integrated sharing options. Or, if you wish to limit the distribution of your publication, you can restrict access and downloads.

Moreover, thanks to the multiple options, your document benefits from multiple advanced functionalities and true interactivity.
Finally, with its advanced modification possibilities, it is possible to modify the content of the document at any time without having to change the distribution and consultation link.

The list is far from exhaustive, but here are some of the main interests:

  • You control the distribution of your publications, for easier communication.
  • You can reach a wider audience, for example, thanks to multi-support and sharing options, the possibility of being well referenced on search engines, etc.
  • You enrich your marketing base thanks to the option of collecting data from your customers (e-mails, telephones, etc.).
  • You increase your turnover by giving your customers the possibility to order directly from your interactive document.
  • Your sales process is optimized.
  • Your publications are read more often: Internet users stay on average 30% longer on an advanced interactive flipbook than on a simple flat PDF document.

Interactiv’ Doc is a product of the company Interactiv’ Technologies, editor of software solutions since 2008. About twenty people work to provide you with the best to meet your needs. Here’s a look at our team. Have a look at our team.

Our support team will answer you by e-mail and telephone every working day from 9 to 6 and will also help you learn how to use the tool thanks to a remote training session of approximately one hour.

You only pay for what you need. Our rates are flexible according to the number of pages in your publications, the number of interactive documents you wish to host, and the options you will choose. . If you would like a more precise quote, please complete the price estimate form.

Access to the support service as well as remote training for the solution are offered free of charge.