FAQ Interactiv’ DataBase – PIM / DAM Software
(Frenquently asked questions about our PIM / DAM)

Interactiv’ DataBase is an online platform that allows you to centralize, enrich and distribute your technical and marketing data, as well as your media files, via different channels (websites and e-commerce, paper catalogue, web catalogue, marketplaces, applications etc.). This database also allows you to automatically create your product sheets.
Interactiv’ DataBase is composed of 3 independent modulesInteractiv’ PIMInteractiv’ DAM, and Interactiv’ Preview.

PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management (PIM). The issue of product information management has developed in recent years with the growth of e-commerce sites.

PIM is a data management software solution that enables the storage of information that can be easily enriched and disseminated over different channels (e-commerce website, paper catalogue, web catalogue, InDesign documents etc.)

With a PIM you can:

  • Improve the quality and consistency of product data across all channels.
  • Simplify the integration of suppliers and data sources.
  • Forget about the Excel files never up to date containing the product data you need to diffuse

Interactiv’ PIM allows you to centralize and enrich the information on your product data(technical and marketing), and then to distribute it in different formats. Within Interactiv’ PIM, there is a tree structure system to classify products and organize your data by distribution channel.

DAM (Digital Asset Management) is a software solution that enables the Management of Digital Resources (storage, organization, enrichment, sharing).

Interactiv’ DAM is an online media library, which allows you to centralize, organize and view files with different formats and extensions (images, videos, PDF, Excel, etc.).

With Interactiv’ DAM, you can classify files in different folders, create personalized export formats (for Web / Print), and make these files available to authorized persons with a simple internet connection. These automatically generated export formats will allow you to store and manage only the high definition version of your media.

Interactiv’ Preview is a software that allows you to create PDF files from a predefined data source and template (layout).

For example, this software allows you to generate product sheets in a predefined format from selected product data.

Since it allows the management of technical and marketing data, Interactiv’ DataBase can be used by any type of company, of any size (VSE, SME, group, etc.), for any type of business (e-commerce, BtoB, BtoC, BtoBtoC) and for any type of sales channel (e-commerce, point of sale, mail order, mass distribution, reseller, market place, DTP files (InDesign…) etc.).

Because every need is different, it is important to understand whether a PIM can be adapted to your business.

Interactiv’ DataBase can be particularly useful for the marketing department (e.g. to fill in product leaflets; to generate product sheets), the technical and logistics department (e.g. to find the reference number of a product), the DTP department (e.g. to export data for the creation of catalogues in a DTP tool), the sales department (e.g. to find all the product characteristics), and the communication and digital department (e.g. to export data and files to the Internet site).

Can I add media files (photos, videos)?

Yes, it is possible to add media files in Interactiv’ DataBase (thanks to the Interactiv’ DAM module).

Yes, this is possible thanks to Interactiv’ DataBase’s Preview module, which generates product sheets automatically from the selected data and a predefined layout. These elements will then be available in PDF format.

Can I link my data to my website or InDesign?

Yes, it is possible to link the data from Interactiv’ DataBase in order to export them to the website or to link them to InDesign via an EasyCatalog plug-In. The interest lies in the fact that this link between Interactiv’ DataBase and the connected tool (website, InDesign file, marketplace…) is permanent and thus allows modifications to be made and distributed very easily.

The connections set up are permanent (API).

In which languages is Interactiv’ DataBase available?

Currently, the Interactiv’ DataBase platform is available in French and English. Thanks to the possibility of creating several languages in your data, the data itself can be available in as many languages as you wish.

My data is currently in Excel files and/or on in an MDM: can I import them into a PIM?

If your data is already centralized in one or more files, it is possible to import the data on Interactiv’ DataBase, thanks to its different import and update possibilities (Excel, CSV…). This allows a considerable time saving in the implementation of such a tool.

Who has access to my Product Information Management (PIM) database?

The administrator of Interactiv’ DataBase can autonomously create user profiles via a system of Roles and Rights (view / modify / delete, etc.). Each user created will then have access to the product database with an identifier and a password.

What is the acquisition cost of the PIM / DAM?

Interactiv’ DataBase’s pricing is adapted to the needs of each customer. The cost of the fee therefore varies according to the number of articles, attributes (characteristics), languages, channels (broadcast cases), users etc. This flexibility allows us to offer you the price best suited to your needs and starts at a few hundred euros per year.

To get a price estimate of what it would cost you in your case, according to your needs, fill in the price estimate form.

Interactiv’ DataBase pricing is based on an annual subscription system for data storage. In addition, during the first yeara cost of implementation, methodological support and training is added.

Is there a formation for the tool?

Yes, in the first year, training and support for the implementation of your data in the PIM is provided by Interactiv’ Technologies in order to make it easier for you to learn how to use Interactiv’ DataBase. Interactiv’ Technologies is an approved and certified training organization according to Qualiopi, allowing you to benefit from the coverage of training costs by your collecting organization (OPCO).

How long is the subscription to Interactiv’ DataBase?

It is an annual subscription system. You can therefore use Interactiv’ DataBase for one year, or several years.

Interactiv’ DataBase saves timecentralizes datareduces the risk of errors and provides security. Each service will therefore be able to rely on the same, unique database, thus reducing errors (often linked to the multiplication of different files within various services). Discover all the functionalities in the “Features” section of this FAQ.

There is no disadvantage in having Interactiv’ DataBase. It only requires a minimum of organization on your part to be able to fill in the data correctly. The initial support that we offer you allows you to take Interactiv’ DataBase in hand, and to be autonomous in a few weeks.

How can I get a demonstration of the PIM / DAM Interactiv’ DataBase?

Interactiv’ Technologies offers free demonstrations by phone and screen sharing. A consultant will answer your questions. They will be able to show you the desired functionalities but also to evaluate with you the productivity gains to be expected.

In order to compare the PIM and DAM softwares, what benefits does Interactiv’ DataBase have compared to others?

Interactiv’ DataBase is known for its very attractive price/quality positioning. The prices applied are flexible because they adapt to the needs of your company.

In addition, we support you, both in the implementation of the PIM and the integration of your data, and throughout your use, thanks to our support service available all year round every working day from 9 to 6.

Furthermore, our expertise since 2008 enables us to implement our solutions quickly.

In order to compare different PIMs and DAMs, it may be possible for you to carry out tests with your data. This is why we offer you a free test of the platform with your own data.

Interactiv’ DataBase is developed by the company Interactiv’ Technologies. We have been a software publisher since 2008. Our team of about twenty people, based near Lyon, is at your service to answer all your questions every working day from 9 to 6.

If I have technical questions, who should I contact?

You can contact us by e-mail at contact[at]interactiv.tech or by telephone+33 (0) 970 248 990. Our team provides customer support all year round every working day. We guarantee a response within the hour.

Is my data in the PIM / DAM Interactiv’ DataBase secured?

As safety is very important to us, we designed the platform with this in mind. The data is saved during your backups. A tracking system allows you to keep a record of the previous actions carried out. It is possible to cancel changes at any time if necessary. Internally, our back-up system also provides additional security.

In addition, each user will have different identifiers and passwords to access the common platform, with predefined roles and rights (view only right, modification right, etc.), thus limiting errors.