Estimate the price of our PIM according to your needs

Our PIM solution Interactiv’ DataBase is a very flexible software that can be adapted to the needs of each company. At Interactiv’ Technologies, none of our 1 000 customers pay the same price. As you choose the number of products you want, the number of languages, the number of distribution channels, the modules and options, etc., the cost will be tailor-made, adapted to your data and needs.

In 3 minutes, answer the following 6 questions to get an estimate of the cost of PIM for your needs.

    #1How many product references do you commercialize? (optional)
    #2Would you like to get the module to generate PDFs automatically from the data (to create product sheets, specification sheets, etc.)? (optional)
    #3Would you like to include media files in the PIM (photos, videos, PDFs, images, pictograms, etc.)? (optional)
    #4How many sales distribution channels (paper catalog, online catalog, e-commerce site, etc.) would you like? (optional)
    #5How many languages do you market your products into? (optional)
    #6How many employees in the company would have access to the PIM (to preview, to fill in, to modify, etc.)? Please indicate an approximate number. If you don't know, please leave the field blank.
    #7Your information

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