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Test : Can your document be automated?


More than 3/4of the catalogues / product sheets / data sheets / directories… can be automated: what about yours?

If your document can be automated, then you can use InDesign’s EasyCatalog automatic page layout plug-in, which allows you to link your data to your InDesign document and offers many advantages: time saving, easy updates, minimized risk of errors, etc.

In 3 minutes, answer the 5 questions to find out if your document can be automated.

    #1What type(s) of documents do you want to create?(multiple answers accepted)
    #2Where is the data which is shared in these documents? (multiple answers accepted)
    #3Globally, the layout of the pages concerning your product data (contact data for a directory) is rather: (multiple answers accepted)
    #4Analysis of your document: you can insert a few pages or the whole of your current PDF document. (optional)
    #5Analysis of your data: if your data is in a file, you can insert an example of your data file (optional)
    #6If you have any comments or questions, please write them here: (optional)
    #7Your information

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