Test : Can your document be automated?

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More than 3/4 of the catalogues / product sheets / data sheets / directories… can be automated: what about yours?

If your document can be automated, then you can use InDesign’s EasyCatalog automatic page layout plug-in, which allows you to link your data to your InDesign document and offers many advantages: time saving, easy updates, minimized risk of errors, etc.

In 3 minutes, answer the 5 questions to find out if your document can be automated.

If you insert your PDF in question 4, it may take several minutes to download your file (depending on its size)

    Test: is your document automatable?

    #1What type(s) of documents do you want to create?(multiple answers accepted)
    #2Where is the data which is shared in these documents? (multiple answers accepted)
    #3Globally, the layout of the pages concerning your product data (contact data for a directory) is rather: (multiple answers accepted)
    #4Analysis of your document: you can insert a few pages or the whole of your current PDF document. (optional)
    #5If you have any comments or questions, please write them here: (optional)
    #6Your information

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