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For graphic designers and layout professionals.
  • Prerequisite: Knowledge of InDesign (styles, tables, page templates…)
  • Objectives: Learn to use the basic features of EasyCatalog, adopt the appropriate methods and tools (importing data from Excel, creating simple templates, manual assembly and text flow…)
  • Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
An EasyCatalog training allowing you to acquire in two days the basics and the essentials of EasyCatalog. Major steps, the different menus, tools and interface… Academic exercises and tutorials, up to date and adapted documentation in French and English… Everything necessary to offer you autonomy and to quickly set up your automation project. We offer both private training, just for your company, and inter-company training, depending on your project and your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information, quotes or dates.


Importing data into InDesign from Excel, CSV
Knowing how to create simple product templates
Be able to use manual assembly, text flow or page guide
Generateautomated tables
Know how to use simple proofreading tools (EasyCatalog panel)

All our training courses are based on a structured pedagogical approach. We work with exercises that allow the student to properly grasp the technology. We provide a French-language training manual that will allow him/her to revisit the important points covered

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    The professional automation tool in InDesign

    Automatic data import in Adobe Indesign
        EasyCatalog is anautomated page layout solution. This module allows the link between structured product data and the content of an InDesign document. This link is bidirectional: any change made in the data source can be reflected in the document, and vice versa.