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Our services evolve with your needs. It’s thanks to you that we advance!

Automatic links

All links of your brochure are taken up by our system: links to Web pages and email addresses.


Intuitive Zoom

With a single click, no matter what part of the zoomed page takes the whole screen. And you move on the page with a simple mouse movement.

Search Engine

Type in the search engine a word or sequence of words in the document, regardless of the number of pages and the length of the texts. The results are highlighted for optimum readability.


At the same time, view each page of your document in miniature. And access directly to the page you want by clicking on it.

Download PDF

Save the original PDF, either entirely or in part. You can also create your own PDF composed only of your favorite pages or chapters.

Send to a friend by email

With the function of sending an email to a friend, your document goes from person to another and became known on the internet without sending heavy attachment.


Favorites and Notes

Put bookmarks to pages that interest you, then you will find them in one click. You can save these pages in PDF or send your document annotated to a friend.

Social media sharing

Sharing functions on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter increase your visibility on the internet. A selection of more than 20 social networks is available and customizable.

Mobile compatibility

Interactiv ‘ Doc automatically detects smartphones and tablets: iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android etc. to provide the most adapted version (Flash or HTML 5).

Publishing links

Choose how to publish your interactive catalog (simple link, small animation, image, QR code etc.). Communicate about your documents has never been easier.



Select the language in which the interface and functionalities of your catalog will be displayed. More than 27 languages are available!

Advanced functionalities


Table of contents

The multi-level table of contents provides direct access to the various sections of your interactive document. It is fully customizable !


Collect various information about your document. Number of visits, most searched words, visited pages, etc. You can analyze properly the data of your document.

Automated SEO

Every texts and images in your document are naturally extracted by Interactiv’ Doc to be listed by the major search engines: Google, Yahoo … You increase your presence!



A simple click and it automatically start reading your text in the document. Increase the accessibility of your interactive catalogs.


Include tabs on the side of your documents, like dividers to access to the different sections of your publication..

Secure access

Guarantee the security access of your publications according to your own criteria. Finally control your audience.

Links Editor

Enrich your documents of interactive areas (Links to web pages, add video and Flash animations, zoom…)

Interactiv’ Apps

Interactiv ‘ Apps allow you to view offline all your interactive catalogs always updated on mobiles and tablets.


White Label

Hide the mention of Interactiv’ Doc in your documents and the platform, to be able to fully customize your communication.


Connect your e-commerce website directly to your documents. Increase visibility of your products without development and simplify their selection.

Recovery Leads

Collect information about people who have downloaded or opened your documents. Create your own contact forms and complete your marketing database easily.