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FAQ Interactiv’ Publisher

(Frequently asked questions)

What is EasyCatalog ?

EasyCatalog is ideal for work type catalog, product sheet, etc. EasyCatalog allows you to automatically and safely assemble data from Excel, XML or database in Adobe InDesign. There are some changes ? Updates of your data is passed directly into your layout.

Why migrate to EasyCatalog ?

Comparing EasyCatalog with other competing tools as xData, InData, InCatalog or SmartCatalog, you will find three major advantages: it is more ergonomic, it displays your data directly in InDesign to manipulate without copy/paste, and it is very easy to program.

Who can participate in InDesign or EasyCatalog training?

Approved training organization, Interactiv ‘ Technologies provides you with the knowledge needed to use InDesign and EasyCatalog in total autonomy: graphics designers, marketing and communication departments, regardless of your DTP skills.

What are the issues addressed during training ?

During training, you will cover the following: import/export, pallet configurations, creating templates, templates assemblies, custom fields, assemblies of table of content and index, synchronization between a data source and an InDesign document, etc …

Where EasyCatalog is able to recover my data?

EasyCatalog can recover data from any data source: Excel, CSV, XML, Database, …

Can I connect EasyCatalog to a products database(PIM) ? If so, which ones?

EasyCatalog can connect to all PIM (Onebase, Genicat, Perigee, Eltitec, etc …) of the market through its ODBC connector. This additional module allows you to update your InDesign document when a change was made in your database, and vice versa, update your database when changes have been made to your InDesign document.

What types of documents can I create with EasyCatalog ?

EasyCatalog allows you to perform any type of publications: catalogs, flyers, brochures, even with many pages. You can also automate the creation of labels, barcodes, product sheets and sheets prices.

Problems concerning a multilingual document can be managed with EasyCatalog ?

It is very easy to transcribe a catalog in different languages. For example, you can translate a few clicks a French document into English. You will gain valuable time to automate such publications.

Can I layout a catalog in EasyCatalog with a large number of references?

The data can be sorted, grouped and filtered with the EasyCatalog’s palette to allow you to work easily even with many references. A search tool allows you to find and isolate a particular reference.

Is my document automatable ?

If some catalogs do not seem to be automatable at first glance, they can become automatable with a simple restructuring. Our designers are at your disposal to assist you to find a solution to automate your documents.

EasyCatalog is it helpful if my document has very few pages?

Even if a catalog has few pages, it is not crippling for automation. EasyCatalog is useful in the following cases: marketing documents declined from the pim (product information management), catalog declined in several languages, regular updates of product information. Choose Interactiv’ Publisher to automate your publications will save you time and an invaluable productivity.

What is the duration of an EasyCatalog project ?

EasyCatalog can be set up in a few weeks. Training requires only a few days. The duration of each project is customizable according to individual needs, and in-house company’s skills.