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FAQ Interactiv’ Doc

(Frequently asked questions)

Which documents can be converted to a flipping format ?

All kinds of documents in PDF format can be published with Interactiv’ Doc (advanced flipbook, interactive brochure, press kit, ebook, e-catalog, flashbook, interactive flipbook, e-magazine, annual report, interactive pdf, online catalog, pageflip, e-brochure, press release, virtual book … ).

How long does it take to create an interactive publication ?

Few seconds are enough to create your interactive publication !

Is there a maximum number of pages ?

No, there is no limit. The user views your interactive flipbook without delay, regardless of the number of pages. Some of our customers have already publications online of several thousand pages.

How can I view a publication?

From any computer connected to internet, Interactiv ‘ Doc works perfectly either with a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The publications may also be available on CD- ROM or USB stick, very convenient for the unconnected readers to the web.

In which languages Interactiv' Doc is it available?

Interactiv’ Doc is open to all the world and is available in almost 30 different languages.

Can we do a text search in a publication ?

Interactiv ‘ Doc incorporates a search engine in your interactive flipbook. You can quickly access to the desired information.

Can I track the traffic on my interactive online document ?

The statistics function allows you to track the traffic on your interactive document via the statistics module. You can determine the number of visitors, their origins, their concerns (ranking of search words, …).

How to create clickable areas in an advanced flipbook?

With Interactiv’ Doc, you can create clickable areas by drawing them and assigning them an action.

Can we secure a document?

We offer the ability to secure access to all types of publication, limiting reading to authorized persons.

Is my interactive document secure?

You want to control the distribution of your document, we understand . We offer various options to secure access to each of your interactive publications as limit playback to authorized persons or prohibit the export , making it impossible to download your PDF document. The security of your publication is guaranteed.

May I know who has downloaded my document?

You have the option to request an email to the user so he can download your PDF. This is a great way to expand your database of prospects .

Is the quality worse?

Regardless of the zoom, the quality of your interactive document will not be altered. The remaining text to outlines, no pixelation not appear. If your images are in high definition, they will remain sharp.

Who is behind Interactiv ' Doc ?

Interactiv ‘ Doc is a company product Interactiv’ Technologies, software solutions since 2008. More than 20 people work to provide the best to meet your needs. Take a look at our team.

How much is your solution Interactiv ' Doc ?

You pay only what is useful to you . Our rates are flexible depending on the number of pages of your publications , the number of online catalogs that you want to host , and the options you choose. The easiest way is to contact us to request a quote.

What is the difference of Interactiv ' Doc relative to other products on the market ?

Interactiv ‘ Doc leaves your hand. You control the result yourself, you are autonomous. Everything is automated to the maximum, so that you do the minimum.
In fact, our solution is very advantageous if you have many documents into interactive browsable catalog. We are here to assist you if needed .

What is the advantage of a solution as Interactiv ' Doc ?

Publish catalogs, brochures , press release in PDF format requires to communicate by uploading a file on your website, or by email, which are regularly rejected because of the size of PDF files.
Transform its PDF files into interactive feuilleteur allows you to communicate more effectively, to reach a wider audience who will read your interactive publication from any support.
Readers can share more easily, thanks to the integrated sharing options. Or if you want instead limit the distribution of your publication, it is possible to restrict access and downloading.

Concretely, what does it for me?

You control the distribution of your publications. A wider audience . With the multi- media and sharing options. You enhance your marketing base through the mail recovery option Your customers order directly from the catalog. Your sales process is optimized. A thorough reading of your publications. Internet users are on average 30 % longer than on an interactive feuilleteur on a flat PDF document.

Can I use my catalog to generate revenue ?

The financial impact of an advanced flipbook are multiple. Between increased visibility, enhanced prospect database, a connection to your e-commerce site , you get different levers .

Does my document will be referenced on the web?

With a decryption algorithm PDF, all pages in your catalog are referenced . The full content of your publications is read and known to Google, not only the title.